We care to audit your Waste,provide solutions that are practically feasible for your companies/ residence.


We use cloud, I.O.T, semi automatic machines for collection, logistics and secondary segregation of municipal solid waste.


Our sanitary experts team will be at your service within 24 hours from your time of request.


When it comes to Waste disposal, your business/residence deserves a dependable partner. Our team of experts have the dedication and capabilities to get it done. We’re professional, efficient, reliable and above all we have a range of customized solutions to help keep organizations of any size running smoothly.


Your business is unique and your needs are complex because what works for other businesses may not work for yours. We are passionate about helping you create a customized waste and recycling plan that’s specific to your needs, environmental goals and budget.

EPR Compliance

Brand owners and manufacturers are at risk of losing their manufacturing license unless they comply with India’s new EPR legislation. This legislation states that Manufacturers/Brands should put in place a system to collect back the packaging waste generated due to their production.

Consistent Supply

Sourcing consistent supplies of high quality recycled plastic can be a major challenge for when procuring from the traditional marketplace. Our ethical sourcing platform empowers clients to achieve JIT supply chain forecasting to ensure orders are delivered on time and in full. Through our transparency value chains, Plastics For Change is able to design the shared value chain in advance and facilitate a consistent procurement flow.

Relentless Commitment to Quality

Our procurement process and mobile platform builds transparency and accountability into our supply chain. This enables Plastics For Change to certify a robust quality assurance process at each stage of the supply chain. We’re able to provide the highest quality recycled plastic in the market because our shared value chain stakeholders receive training and bonus payment incentives.

CSR program

Our platform can collect customized impact measurement metrics to evaluate progress towards the sustainable development goals, from Co2 savings to livelihood creation. We can help integrate CSR into the heart of your company’s business strategies and organizational culture. Activate purpose with your employees from HR and business development to marketing and sales

Recycle by mail 

We’re leading the way in mixed recycling, which allows you to throw all of your recyclables into a designated bin and leave the processing to us      

 Benefits include:

 Ease If it’s an acceptable recyclable product, put it in the designated bin. We’ll handle the rest                  

Convenience: All recyclable materials like empty bottles, cans, paper and cardboard get can be mixed together in the same designated bin  

Time Savings: Not needing to sort types of recyclables saves you valuable time    

Less Waste: We put recyclable materials to their next best use                

Less Traffic: Designated bins means simplified pickups and fewer trucks on the road, resulting in fewer green house gas emissions.     

Energy Savings: Recycling can deliver tangible energy savings by creating new products out of excess material