Waste to energy – waste incineration machine

Incineration Solutions 

Burning with a Cause 

Incinerators are being used all over the world for disposal of almost all kinds of waste.

All of our machines are built in INDIA by time-served fabricators. Our range of machines are constantly being developed through our R & D programme to ensure they are at the forefront of combustion technology for years to come.

Industrial waste, large scale refuse projects and waste oil could be used to power our range of incinerators built with energy recovery in mind.

If you have a special project – then speak to us about our DUR incinerator team for solid waste & waste treatment solutions.

Why choose our ENCLEAN Incinerators ?

As it works on automated technology the plant needs minimal input energy.The output inert material is zero. During maintenance an emergency chamber which will be used which supports the plant to run.

The unique multi level filtering systems leave out clean air to the atmosphere.Most importantly this machine can be operated by any lay man and does not need expert supervision as the machines heating system is monitored by sensors and will be displayed to the concerned personal on an hourly basis. 

Our range of Incinerators are approved by TNPCB and CPCB, ISO certified materials are used and we give a 1 year warranty on most of the equipment we supply 

Our customer service 

Our team takes enough time to understanding your current waste management process which helps us provides you the perfect system that fits into your system without creating much chaos

The incinerator plant supplied to you is specially designed by our engineers to fulfil your requirements.


Waste cares Incineration technology allows you to dispose waste 24/7 all around the year without much use of external energy. It does not need any expert super vision, any lay man can operate the plant because we have designed and patented the plant in such a way that it has almost no risk factors. Multiple filtering systems are installed which ensures that only clean air is let out to the atmosphere. 

Automatic municipal segregation machine

Waste care MSW segregation system

The solution for all waste management problems is segregation at source, Since this cannot be achieved by door to door collection in India until people decide to change we have designed a unique segregation machine which is easy to operate and maintain.

This machine segregates food and dry waste separately after which the dry waste can be further segregated into various types as per every customer needs.