Pet cremation 

Pet cremation is a growing industry globally as more and more people want to send of their beloved pets in a more memorable way. Our range of front loading systems are suitable for most domestic animals and can be run in most cases by a single operator.

All of pet cremation machines are built to our high standards and covered by our comprehensive warranty to ensure you have a machine that will last many years and be fully maintained/serviced by our network of support engineers.

What is pet cremation as a business ? 

Whatever your beloved pet, be it a dog, cat, bird, rabbit, hamster or more, we want the best for them and splurge both in life and also death. A pet cremation business, or ‘pet loss’ business, is a lucrative funeral market and brings huge earning potential, especially as pet funerals continue rising in popularity.

Many pet owners also now seek out pet cremation businesses that allow them to attend the cremation services and see their final journey in person. Not only do they want to pay their last respects, but to ensure their beloved family pet is cremated with care and dignity, and give a formal send-off.

How we can help you start a pet cremation business ?

As market leaders in pet crematorium equipment and solutions, we’ve a growing portfolio of clients. We manufacture all our pet cremation machines in-house, as well as delivering and installing the equipment on-site, and providing service and maintenance to our customers worldwide.

As well as the information in this simple guide to starting your own pet cremation business, you can contact our pet cremation experts. Our team will be happy to discuss the options available and support you on your business journey.

How much does pet cremation equipment cost?

Among your initial outlay will be your pet cremation equipment cost, which is usually the largest investment to any pet cremation business. The average lifespan of our pet cremation machines is 15 years, giving that initial outlay cost a huge payback potential.

It’s also important to purchase the right equipment, not just based on the pet cremation equipment costs, but in line with your future growth plans. Ensuring your pet cremation machine fulfils the need of all sized animals, from equine to rodents, will also prevent you from turning away future customers and opening up to new markets.

Pet cremation equipment costs usually vary depending on the listed features of the cremation unit. It’s important to consider burn rates and batch sizes when deciding which pet crematorium is best for you, to guarantee sufficient capacity in order to cremate the required number of animals each day. Choosing a pet crematorium with poor fuel efficiency, for example, could see fuel costs quickly eat into your bottom line

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